Airbase Make-Up and Mariam Jensen create 'Flawless Starlets' on The X Factor

We've just had a lovely catch up with our Pro Team member, Mariam Jensen about her recent celeb status. We're not sure if you spotted her, but there she was in all her beautiful glory airbrushing singing starlets Abi and Connor on this weekend's X Factor.

For all of us here at Airbase Make-Up HQ, The X Factor isn't just about who 'goes through' each week - it's about what beauty inspiration we can take from it. Each week we settle on our sofas and await the creative inspiration that we'll talk about for the following week - lets face it, if the starlets were being judged on beauty they'd all be equally flawless thanks to a wonder team of make-up artists including Julia Carta, Moiya Saint, Mariam Jensen and our very own Airbase Make-Up Silicone based Foundation.

Flawless X Factor contestants - every time

Airbase Make-Up is perfect for the unforgiving world of high-definition HDTV and film. Unfortunately, the latest technological advance on the screen has proved to be a step too far for traditional film and TV make-ups that are no longer 'flawless' enough when a dreaded close-up happens, revealing brush strokes amongst other flaws. Because Airbase Make-Up is airbrushed onto the skin, it atomises the product creating tiny particles that are not visible to the naked eye - flawless bliss for contestants on the X Factor!


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