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Airbase is proven to be the ideal solution for a flawless look with a lightweight application meaning that make-up professionals from all sectors are using it in their work, from HD TV and film to bridal and everyday use. 

Interested in becoming a professional?

Becoming an Airbase Professional has never been easier, for more information  you can apply here and we will be in touch with more information.

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Please send the full details of your salon, retailer name or professional artist details to us via our contact us page.

Start your airbrush make-up career and make pretty profits

Airbase Make-Up is more than just a makeover, it's a high definition, fast and flawless experience. Custom blend the perfect match of our luxury silicone based foundation and spray your way to a sensational finish your clients will adore - this is what will keep them coming back for more and recommending your airbrush make-up services to others.

Market-leading airbrush make-up

The UK’s go to brand for a flawless finish and combined durability, suitable for everyone from professionals on set, to in the salon. Packed full of vitamins our silicone based foundation has a staying power beyond any other brand on the market.

Join thousands of Professionals enjoying the fast and flawless results achieved by Airbase...
With exclusive professional discounts, the return on your investment is staggering. Airbase applications cost on average R17 per application making Airbase a viable addition to any service list.


In addition, research suggests that Airbrush Make-up Artists earn more per makeover than traditional applications due to the level of expertise required and the desired HD effect created by an airbrush.


As an Account holder, you'll benefit from a dedicated Account Manager, a free listing in our Retail Directory, access to exclusive offers, including amazing retail opportunities and much more.

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There are two ways to become one of our qualified Airbrush Angels


Teach your learners the art of airbrushing make-up delivered by Industry Professionals and a market-leading Airbrush product

All over SA, we’ve been training qualified Make-up Artists, Beauticians, Students and people with a keen interest in make-up the latest techniques in airbrushing silicone based make-up.

To allow for flexibility we teach both a full and half-day introductory course in airbrushing make-up. We know that exceptional training is key to a flawless airbrushed make-up finish, which is why we work closely with you to support both you and your students needs.

Discounted Airbase Products:

All course attendees will receive the opportunity to buy the products at a discounted price at the end of the day, often with a unique discount code for each course.